Sights of Downtown Honolulu

I did some filming downtown to play with a new Tiffen ND filter, keeping the shutter speed a little slower for smoother video. Seemed to work great, I didn’t experience any of the “X” effect all the reviews talked about at max. The Adobe Premiere warp stabilizer seems to have gone a little crazy in the video a few times. I’ll have to figure out how to control that.

Anyway, enjoy some of the colors and the smaller details of downtown Honolulu, Hawaii in the video below.

Doner Shack Hawaii

A good friend of mine started the Doner Shack, a restaurant serving Berlin-style Turkish doner kebab located in Honolulu on Fort Street downtown. I made a quickie video showing some behind the scenes stuff. My camera was struggling to focus a few times, oh well its an excuse to go back, reshoot, have have another mix plate!

Give the doner shack a visit asap. I’ve never met someone who doesn’t like their food.

Honolulu Photography

A few photos that are a little more abstract from around Honolulu. Since I purchased my camera, I’ve become so much more aware of colors and patterns in everyday life. Its fun trying to capture it all. I’m sure I look like a weirdo taking photos of dimly lit old staircases, odd fluorescent lighting from the 1970s or the bricks of a sidewalk, but oh well.