Shadows and Reflections

At the Hawaii State Capitol building toward the end of the day on a Thursday. Taken with a Canon 5d and 24-70L lens. I really like the wavy white post reflections off the shiny floor.

The man in the photo turned to look at me soon after this shot. I ran away to the next floor above. A few minutes later he appeared looking for me. I expected the standard “delete that photo you took of me”. But he actually just wanted a copy. Thanks!

Livestock Tavern Downtown Honolulu

Checked out Downtown Honolulu’s Livestock Tavern and took a few photos. Beautiful restaurant and even better food. We had the steak, lobster roll, crab cakes, burger and lamb.

I loved the lighting, a soft white light reflecting off the buildings across the street was perfect. Also the beautiful red bricks always a reminder that you’re in Chinatown.

Bougainvillea’s Yin and Yang

From thorns to flowers the Bougainvillea plant covers both ends of the spectrum. Taken at Iolani Palace in Honolulu with a Canon 5d and 24-70mm L lens.

Bougainvillea was the only thing that would grow at my house when I was a kid. I always had to trim the plants and repeatedly tore apart my hands on the thorns. I hated it. Only now, 30 years later can I appreciate this beautiful plant.